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Why do organizations struggle with leadership?

Many organizations struggle to achieve productive leadership. Lean, 6σ, maintenance planning and scheduling, Total Productive Management, Root Cause Analysis, De-Bottlenecking and other initiatives start out with a lot of fanfare, only to fall flat shortly after implementation. Why?

First, most organizations don’t have a foundation of accountability and leadership capability. There should be a system model that assigns accountability for direction and guidance at each level of leadership. Direction includes mission, vision, values and objectives for the work center, department and organizational levels. Guidance includes policies, plans, processes, procedures and measures, as well as the assets that are needed to properly carry out guidance. The Organizational Reliability Model™ assigns accountability.

Second, individual leaders must have the leadership capability. Leaders want to be accountable, and have a personal set of mission, vision, values and objectives. They need full understanding of leadership roles, leadership attributes and leadership skills, their sources of power and how to influence others to achieve goals.

Leadership roles are the types of activities that leaders are engaged in during the day (expert/technician, manager/administrator, coach, systems thinker and visionary). Leadership attributes are the characteristics leaders display; consistent, attentive, respectful, motivating and assertive. Leadership skills include time management, communication, empowerment, giving and receiving feedback and conflict resolution. Effective leaders also know their sources of power and how to balance between position and personal power and how to enhance their power. Influencing others requires knowledge of needs and motivations and how to align organizational needs with individual needs. Goal setting involves clarity, challenge, commitment, feedback and task complexity.

The Productive Leadership Model™ is used to train leaders and to ensure they have the capability perform as productive leaders. Enroll in our Productive Leadership Capability course to learn more.

An in-depth discussion on all the issues involved is provided by Tom Moriarty’s book, published by Industrial Press…
The Productive Leadership System™: Maximizing Organizational Reliability