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Engaging with Alidade MER

The typical engagement process is to contact Alidade MER and to set up an initial discussion. The Alidade MER person you speak with will be on a mission to listen intently to your situation; what you need to accomplish, how you’d like to accomplish it, and how you will determine that the project was a Alidade MER then develops a draft scope of work, or if the prospective client has a scope of work Alidade MER will develop a proposal based on the scope. We work with our prospective clients to ensure the services we are proposing meet the client’s requirements. Pricing is based on a standard rate schedule that aligns with the types of professionals, consultants and technicians required for the job. 

The entire process is designed to be interactive and collaborative in order to get started from a basis of open communication and trust between the client and Alidade MER staff and associates. Our people are passionate about maintenance and reliability and we derive great job satisfaction from being a part of our client’s success. We look forward to working with you. (321) 773-3356 office (321) 961-4306 mobile info@alidade-mer.com