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Get started on good, productive leadership

People who are good performers want you to be attentive and assertive. They want to know you see them doing good things. They also want you to be assertive in addressing those who are not good performers.

Leadership starts with training at the top

The two things needed are accountability and leadership capability. Without these foundational elements, there will be no culture or norms to support and sustain improvements.

Hold On Loosely

It’s a balancing act for leaders in giving too much, or too little direction. By Tom MoriartyPublished in Plant Services Magazine, Apr 01, 2021 It can be extremely hard for a leader to resist jumping in and giving too much direction or oversight. Leaders can also err...

Leadership Survey 2021 Call to Action

Back in 2015 I partnered with Tom Wilk and the staff at Plant Services magazine to create a leadership survey. We had about 300 respondents. After crunching the numbers, slicing and dicing the information, I wrote a series of Plant Services magazine articles that...

Leadership Skills: Develop Accountability from Top to Bottom

In my consulting practice, I was working with a company on scheduling and productivity issues on their multiple production lines. Primarily they were concerned with keeping up with the workload and availability of resources – having enough employees and contractors...

Reducing Losses

How organizations are reducing losses due to preventable maintenance issues   A new report sheds light on maintenance economics. In September 2019 I was doing some research on the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). I came across an article on the National...

How to Develop Qualified Employees

An analogy for developing employees... On January 21, 1971, Apollo 14 roared off the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center. Few people remember Apollo 14. Most of us know of Apollo 11 and, “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.” A lot of us have seen the...

Get More from Your Team Meetings

Do You Have Effective Meetings? During Meetings Are You Talking Too Much? Can You Talk Less? This article is part of Plant Services Magazine's monthly Human Capital column. Read more from Tom Moriarty. Published July 31, 2020 Buy a signed copy of Tom's Book, The...

Voices: Human Capital

Human Capital is a monthly column for plant managers, department managers, supervisors and aspiring leaders. This column provides a blend of leadership and organizational development concepts with practical applications and insight.

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