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Alidade MER has several trusted partners who have stellar performance histories and philosophies that are well aligned with our corporate philosophy and culture.

  • Guardian Technical Services – GTS is prepared to provide machinery assessments, business process evaluation and optimization.  Guardian Technical Services is adept at creating effective asset maintenance strategies.
  • Taugher Change Catalyst Consulting –  Experienced business consultants who help executives manage organizational change and the leadership challenges that come with any change management process. They help clients accelerate the organizational change process; improve its quality, and ultimately its outcome.
  • The Manufacturing Game – The Manufacturing Game® workshops train front line workers and their managers to better understand the journey from one stable domain to another by improving throughput, increasing reliability of equipment and operating in a manner that is safe for both employees and the environment while making a profit for the company.
  • The Reliability Center – Reliability Center Inc. offers Root Cause Analysis Training, Consulting and Software for insightful and unique ways of looking at their client’s operations and problems.
  • Andromeda Systems – Engineering, supportability, information technology, and maintenance experts, will partner with your organization to develop an optimum maintenance and support system that will reduce cost and maximize the performance of your plant, facility, fleet, or critical infrastructure.
  • CBM Enterprise Solutions – The CBMvision™ Product Suite complements traditional enterprise asset management programs. This cost-effective Condition Monitoring Automation Platform (CMAP) is easily installed, monitors assets remotely and includes the unique ability to provide diagnostics globally.
  • The Snell Group – The world’s leading expert on using infrared thermography (IR) and electrical motor testing (EMT) to reduce risk, increase up-time, save money, conserve energy, and improve safety.
  • Ultrasound Technologies – Jim Hall has over 23 years in the airborne ultrasound industry, having sold ultrasound instruments and trained users of the equipment for the top manufacturers of Ultrasound Instruments. No matter whose instrument you are using, Ultra-Sound Technologies can train you.

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