The Productive Leadership System Book


Authored by Tom Moriarty, a former enlisted U.S. Coast Guard officer. Tom was selected for an extremely competitive officer selection program due to his excellence in leadership and professionalism. During his post-Coast Guard career Tom has helped dozens of organizations across diverse work environments achieve high levels of success. This is a must-read for prospective leaders, new leaders and experienced leaders.
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The Productive Leadership System

Maximizing Organizational Reliability

All organizations are capable of overcoming the barriers that impede excellence. In order to do so, there has to be a system in place. That system is Productive Leadership. There are two main components of the Productive Leadership System; accountability and leadership capability.

In the first chapter of this book, we examine why leadership is important; the impacts on people and the organization. The second chapter dives into some of the fascinating aspects about our brains and how it relates to behaviors, habits and culture. These are the foundation or first principles on which accountability and leadership capability rest.

The third chapter deals with accountability. At each level of leadership there is a senior person and one or more junior persons. Each have accountabilities. Most often each leader has accountabilities as both a senior person and a junior person.

The fourth chapter deals with individual leadership capabilities. Spoiler alert! Leadership capability is much more than just leadership skills. There are aspects of each leader that are important. Productive Leaders need to be well versed in leadership roles, leadership attributes, leadership skills, how to properly handle power, influencing others and setting goals.

The book gives recommendations on how to implement the Productive Leadership System across an organization in chapter 5. Although all the principles can be applied by a leader of a single team or work center, it is most effective when the organization embraces it.

The book is filled with useful information and exercises. A must read for prospective, new or experienced leaders.

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