OHdor Gone Services

The OHdor Gone service is offered in the central Brevard County region of Florida. It is the best solution for safely removing common odors found in indoor environments. Our innovative green technology replicates a natural process, eliminating odors without any harm to people, pets, or plants.

With OHdor Gone, you’ll experience minimal equipment set-up and removal, meaning no tenting or residues to worry about. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and hello to a fresher and safer living space with Alidade MER.

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Our Services

Property Managers and Real Estate Professionals

Your livelihood depends on turning over property. Odors can slow things down. No tenting, easy set-up and removal. Safe for showing the space or workers. One-Page Flyer OHdor Gone Prop Mgr RE.


Did you have a guest that smoked, a pet that peed or a lingering ethnic food odor? Hydroxyls are much safer for your staff and guests than ozone. One-Page Flyer OHdor Gone Hotels

Home Owners

Homes sometimes accumulate odors and need to be refreshed. No need to stay elsewhere, hydroxyls are completely safe. One-Page Flyer OHdor Gone Home Owners

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Thrift Stores, Inherited Property

Thrift stores and inherited property sometimes have smoker residue, or other odors. Removing those odors can increase the value of the property.