Maintenance Management Projects

Maintenance management services include assessments, evaluations, strategic and discrete services.  Assessments and evaluations are used to determine current status of maintenance management performance.

Assessments and Evaluations

Alidade MER maintenance management assessments and evaluations look at specific elements; guidance, performance and opportunities for improvement.  Each evaluation element has several sub-elements.  Each sub-element has a dozen of specific items that are scored.  This provides detailed information on the most important aspects and degree of opportunity for improvement.  Assessments and evaluations can be done for bench-marking or as the first step in developing a strategic improvement plan.

Maintenance Management Improvement 

Improvement projects take an organization from an under-performing situation through establishment of control and stability of maintenance management processes.  The first step is often an assessment or evaluation, as described above.  Sometimes the problems are well-known and there is little value to be gained from assessments.  Once the gaps in performance are known, an Action Planning Workshop is scheduled.  This workshop is to develop a plan of action and measures (POAM) to define what will be done, in what order, at what pace and how success will be measured.  The intent is to thoughtfully develop a program plan that also considers other initiatives that will consume financial and human resources. Alidade MER continues to facilitate, coach and support the effort until client personnel are comfortable in managing and continuing the effort. We are often called back periodically to audit or evaluate the program, or to provide additional expertise to ensure the program remains on track.

Process Improvement Projects

Not all problems require large strategic programs.  Sometimes an organization is faced with a specific or discrete issue that they want to improve.  Other times an organization has more issues that need to be addressed than they have resources.  Under these circumstances Alidade MER can assist with smaller scope projects.  The benefits attained from a smaller project can be reallocated to additional improvements. Discrete projects are targeted at specific issues that an organization wants to improve.  Examples include:

  • Resources
    • Strategic Plan Development
    • Organizational Structure Analysis and Improvements
    • Budgeting and Cost Control
    • Computerized Management System Selection and Implementation
  • Guidance
    • Work Control; Planning & Scheduling
    • Procurement Process Improvements & Practices
    • Configuration Management
    • Hierarchy & Criticality
    • Management Reporting & Measures
    • Contractor Management
  • Leadership
    • Executive & Function Leadership Workshops
    • Supervision Leadership & Management Training
    • Organizational & Workplace Climate Surveys
    • Performance Management & Evaluation Systems
  • Specific Program Examples
    • Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
    • Lubrication Program
    • Precision Maintenance
    • Turn-Around Management
    • Start Up / Shut Down and Commissioning Standards
    • Operator Care
    • Asset Condition Assessment

As stated above, these are examples of projects in Control & Stability activities that Alidade MER can assess/evaluate, support improvement and coach implementation.  If there is a specific program you’d like experienced and dependable support with, please let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss your objectives.