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Book – The Productive Leadership System

Learn the 'why' and 'how' to implement productive leadership.

Learn the reasons why most leadership training fails to deliver results. Understand how the human brain converts learning into behaviors, habits and culture. And, how you can leverage brain science to instill accountability, create a model for assigning accountability and provide leaders with what they need to be effective.

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Industrial Press

Some Review Comments:

“Tom’s Productive Leadership Model™ is a comprehensive way of evaluating and applying positive organizational change. The overall model is supported by lots of tools and techniques to help analyze and implement.” 
– Klaus Blache, Director, Reliability and Maintainability Center, Univ of Tennessee

“It was very clear to me the motivation to write this book was based on the author’s passion for the topic and his desire to allow others to benefit from his experience.  Hands down the most comprehensive and descriptive book I’ve ever read on effective leadership!” 
– Bob Latino, CEO, Reliability Center, Inc.

“This book is filled with practical tips on improving and refreshing your leadership techniques and skills.  It is clear the author is passionate about leadership. He has built upon the foundation of leadership lessons learned in his USCG career with lessons learned from assessing industry and years of studying effective leadership.”
– Hank Kocevar, Guardian Technical Services


Author: Thomas J. Moriarty, PE, CMRP
Plant Services Magazine Human Capital Author since 2009

The book is priced at $44.95 and the publisher is Industrial Press.
Print: 978-08311-3642-0
eBook: 978-0-8311-9524-3
Publish in 2020

All organizations are capable of overcoming the barriers that impede excellence. But in order to do so, there must be a system in place that supports productive leadership. The Organizational Reliability Model™ provides the system model. The Productive Leadership Model™ provides the specifics on how an individual leader carries out their accountabilities.

The chapters cover:

  1. What the typical problems are regarding leadership and why leadership is important, the costs and benefits of improving leadership and the need to be working on the right problems.
  2. A primer on the human brain. The parts of the brain that are important for leadership, converting short-term to long-term memories, long-term memories to behaviors, behaviors to habits and habits to culture. The chapter emphasizes that people (leaders and followers) can learn throughout our lives.
  3. Organizational Reliability means having a system or model that assigns accountability to assess, define and implement changes and to execute current guidance with current assets. Accountability must be clearly assigned. Accountable persons must then execute the things they are accountable to do.
  4. Productive Leadership is a leader, provided with direction and requirements, applying leadership roles, attributes and skills, through sources of power, to influence others to achieve goals. Leaders must have the capability to execute their accountabilities.
  5. This chapter is about how a work center, department, facility or entire organization can implement a Productive Leadership System™.
  6. A summary and concluding thoughts on the Productive Leadership System™.
  7. Appendices include:
    • An overview of the ISO 55000 (series) Standard for Asset Management,
    • The Requirements and Execution Model™ which is a way to consistently develop, implement and manage performance of policies, plans, processes, procedures and measures.
    • A detailed explanation of the Team Effectiveness and Motivation Survey™