Coming Soon!!! Productive Leadership Capability On-Line Training


Comprehensive Productive Leadership Capability training. On-line course, with monthly in-person Zoom discussions, annual access to course materials, tools and exercises. The course is provided by Tom Moriarty, author of The Productive Leadership System.


Coming Soon!!!
On-Line Productive Leadership Capabilities Course!
Includes Monthly Zoom Meetings with the Instructor.

Today’s leaders are under pressure to perform, but most feel they lack proper knowledge and skills. Surveys conducted by Plant Services Magazine showed that about half of current supervisors and managers receive inadequate leadership training. Adequate leadership training means getting initial or refresher training at least every two to three years. Other studies have shown the typical supervisor first receives training after nine years in leadership positions. That means they are leading others without the benefit of a leadership education.

Most leaders don’t get enough, or any, leadership training before becoming a leader. Those that do get leadership training typically get only leadership skills training; time management, communication, giving and receiving feedback. They don’t get the full spectrum of topics they need to be a productive leader. This course provides not just the basic leadership skills, but a comprehensive set of information and skills that allows the course participants to excel. This benefits the participant, the people they lead and their organization.

The Productive Leadership Capability course is a comprehensive developed by Tom Moriarty, author of The Productive Leadership System; Maximizing Organizational Reliability. Tom started his career as an enlisted U.S. Coast Guardsman. After demonstrating excellence in leadership he was selected to attend Officer Candidate School and commissioned. He was a recognized leader and innovator. He was also a monthly columnist for Plant Services Magazine for over 14 years; earning a gold award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. The course covers:

  • Accountability; as the senior person and as the junior person
  • Having a personal mission, vison and values
  • Leadership roles; expert/technician, manager/administrator, coach, systems thinker and visionary
  • Leadership attributes; consistent, attentive, respectful, motivating and assertive
  • Leadership skills; time management, communication, giving/receiving feedback, empowerment, conflict resolution
  • Power; sources and proper use
  • Influencing others; needs theories and motivations
  • Setting goals

The course includes monthly live Zoom meetings to discuss course topics, one year access to the course, many exercises and tools.