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Tom Moriarty, PE, CMRP – Founder & President

Tom Moriarty, PE, CMRP Founder & President

Tom Moriarty, PE, CMRP
Founder & President

A former Coast Guardsman having served as an enlisted Machinery Technician for nine years, then earning a commission through Officer Candidate School.  The path to Officer Candidate School for and enlisted person is extremely competitive and highly selective.  Enlisted personnel selected to become officers have demonstrated exceptional leadership and management capabilities as well as having strong ethics and interpersonal skills.  The prior enlisted to Officer Candidate School path is known as the “mustang” path.  It is characterized by people who have practical experience, as well as demonstrated leadership ability.  

As an enlisted person Tom has assignments at coastal search and rescue (SAR) stations and aboard the Coast Guard Cutter SPENCER (Boston, MA).  Among his responsibilities at the SAR stations were boat crewman, boat engineer, boat coxswain, law enforcement boarding officer, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and Officer of the Day.  Aboard ship his duties included Auxiliary Division Leading Petty Officer, oiler, assistant engineer of the watch, engineer of the watch, boat crew, boat engineer, boat coxswain.  While aboard CGC SPENCER Tom implemented a best-practice maintenance management process that increased PM on-time completion to 100%, increased labor effectiveness and reliability of systems dramatically.  In addition, Tom completed an Associate of Science degree.  As a result, Tom was recognized as the CGC SPENCER’s Sailor of the Quarter, was promoted to First Class Petty Officer, and then was selected for Officer Candidate School.

After graduation from Officer Candidate School Tom was assigned to the CGC THETIS (Key West, FL) as Student Engineer, then Assistant Engineer Officer and Damage Control Assistant.  From there, Tom was selected for the Naval Engineering Technology Program and attended college for two years, earning a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and passed the Engineer in Training (EIT) exam towards the Professional Engineer license.  Tom was then assigned as the Engineer Officer aboard CGC CONFIDENCE (Port Canaveral, FL).  While assigned to CGC CONFIDENCE the then 30 year old vessel got underway on-time, every time.  Tom’s next assignment was to the Maintenance and Logistics Command, Norfolk, VA as the Section Chief for Icebreakers, Aids to Navigation and Buoy Tender section.  This job involved project management for major maintenance (dry docking and commercial contracting) as well as emergency repairs for over eighty vessels.  During this tour Tom was assigned a project to investigate condition-based maintenance applications and was instrumental in establishing Reliability Centered Maintenance as the designated process for asset maintenance strategy development.

Tom’s last assignment was as Executive Officer at the Naval Engineering Support Unit, Portsmouth, VA.  During this tour Tom instituted a best-practice maintenance management process.  During his final year of service Tom was selected as the U.S. Coast Guard’s Federal Engineer of the Year; an award sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). This award was in recognition of a three year program that drastically increased workforce efficiency through more effective work management.  The program resulted in a 31% improvement in labor effectiveness in the first year.  This enabled re-programming of internal resources to create and sustain a condition-based maintenance program, including implementation of predictive test and inspection technologies, that drastically improved availability for operations while lowering costs.

Throughout Tom’s Coast Guard career he was immersed in a culture of exceptional regard for people and teamwork.  The environment demanded professionalism, preparation and dedication.  He brought those same characteristics to Alidade MER.

Tom is a recognized expert in leadership, maintenance management and reliability.  He has presented papers at the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) Annual Conference, at the International Maintenance Conference (IMC), the Reliability Centered Maintenance Conference, the Multi-Agency Combatant Craft (MACC) Conference, the American Society of Naval Engineers Fleet Maintenance & Modernization Symposium and at a multitude of other events.

Tom writes a monthly feature articles in Plant Services Magazine on leadership and management related to industrial and manufacturing workplace applications. In addition, Tom is a member of the Society of Maintenance and  Reliability professionals, the past Chair of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Canaveral Florida Section, and a member of the ASME Plant Engineering and Maintenance (PEM) Division, and a member of the American Society of Naval Engineers.