Organizational Reliability Model©

Navigating Excellence with the Organizational Reliability Model©

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Organizational Reliability ModelExperience shows that simple models work best because they can be communicated more easily, and because they can be applied to a wide range of organizations.

Alidade MER has developed the Organizational Reliability Model© based on the simple concept that getting control and stability of processes allows an organization to perform consistently, which enables continuous improvement.

The elements of Control & Stability are:

  • Resources – the elements that enable performance; organizational structure, budgets, mission, vision, etc.
  • Guidance – the policies, processes and procedures that provide information on how to perform.
  • Leadership – the ability of people in positions of authority to drive effectiveness and efficiency; empowerment, delegation, people and holding people accountable.

Proactive Improvement makes use of the consistent data generated in by having control and stability.  Consistent data can be analyzed to identify the most important Proactive Improvement opportunities.

The Proactive Improvement elements include:

  • Selection – defining the most important criteria for selecting improvement opportunities; such as risk analysis, criticality, economic analysis, etc.
  • Analysis – applying engineering and management tools and techniques to investigate and find a solution for improving performance; such as Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), LEAN, Six Sigma, etc.
  • Manage Change – taking the solution identified in the Analysis phase and officially promulgating the change; including development of training, modifying official guidance, etc.

The output of the Proactive Improvement cycle is an engineered and properly approved improvement that is fed back into the Control & Stability realm.  This ensures there is an effective and efficient mechanism to continuously improve, while keeping control and stability.

Alidade MER has developed the Accountability Model©  that is used to define guidance and measures which provides the insight needed for leaders to apply Productive Leadership©.

Alidade MER provides services to initiate and maintain control and stability for operations, maintenance and other functions to:

  • Evaluate current performance,
  • Provide recommendations and strategic plans, policies and roles and responsibility improvements,
  • Provide training, facilitation and coaching to drive control and stability to common practice.

We have maintenance and reliability professions with over 25 years of experience.  We identify where improvement opportunities exist, help you develop action plans and support your efforts at the level you request.