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Team Effectiveness & Motivation Survey (TEMS)

The TEMS survey was developed to provide leaders with insight. It is administered for each leader and their direct reports. There are three portions to the survey. The first portion is demographics that are used for gathering insight into the leaders and team members in an organization. The second portion is team effectiveness. This highlights the differences between what a leader believes about their team and what the team members believe. It is applied across each level of leadership. The third portion of the survey provides insight into motivation of individuals. It is based on Expectancy Theory and provides a general value that indicates the level of motivation an individual has with regard to their current job.

What Demographics Tell Us

The demographics portion of the survey allows you to see things like how much training people on your leadership team have received and what levels of motivation those people have. A 2015 survey across multiple organizations clearly showed that above average motivation scores were linked with leadership training that occurred more often then every two to three years. Within the demographics section the survey can be customized to enable a leader to be linked with their direct reports. This provides a means for individual leaders to understand where they have disconnects with their direct reports. It also allows senior leaders to develop an improvement plan for leaders that have direct reports with low motivation scores.

Team Effectiveness

The team effectiveness portion of the survey asks the leader and their direct reports for their responses to twenty questions. There are five team effectiveness areas that the questions relate to. The differences between the leaders responses and the team member responses provide insight into disconnects between what the leader believes, and what their direct reports believe. Knowing there the differences are allows the leader to focus on those areas where they need to resolve the differences.


Leaders should know what motivates their direct reports. In the motivation section of the survey there are three sets of statements that provide insight into how people feel about their job. These statements allow leaders to better understand the things that are motivating and demotivating to their direct reports. Knowing what motivates an individual enables the leader to better focus their coaching and development.

Ordering a Team Effectiveness & Motivation Survey

If you’re interested in a survey contact us. We’ll discuss how many leaders and how many direct reports are to be surveyed. There is some administrative work to be done up front depending on if you want leaders linked with direct reports, or if you only want team effectiveness or only motivation surveys. The output that will be provided includes the actual survey data that was submitted and a summary report and recommendations for the leaders.

Many people ask about the cost. Generally, for each leader and set of direct reports, up to twenty persons total, the cost is $600. For larger sets of survey respondents there can be discounts to the standard cost. Customers can ask for an in-person briefing by Tom Moriarty, author of The Productive Leadership System; Maximizing Organizational Reliability. Alidade MER also offers two-day productive leadership workshops and half-day overview of productive leadership workshops that train leaders on proper leadership techniques.