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Productive Leadership Workshops

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Productive Leadership Workshops

The Productive Leadership System is based on accountability. Organizations need accountable leaders that are able to move the organization towards accomplishment of its mission, vision, values and objectives. Accountability is assigned across each level in the organizational structure for specific activities. The Organizational Reliability Model is used to assign these accountabilities. Productive Leadership is at the individual leader level. Each leader must have the desire to be accountable. They must also know and apply leadership roles, attributes, skills, through their sources of power, to influence others to achieve goals. Productive Leadership workshops provide this comprehensive background, knowledge and abilities for ordinary leaders to become productive leaders.

Alidade MER can customize Productive Leadership training. Click on the bullet below for a flyer:

The two-and-a-half day productive leadership workshop includes a half-day supplimental session with the managers of those who attend the two-days of training. This is important because it makes managers aware of what is being taught. It helps the managers support application of productive leadership. They can include aspects of productive leadership in annual evaluations and periodic feedback sessions. 

The one day leadership workshop was designed for training in an open forum.  Usually in a public workshop. The subject matter is the same as in the two and a half day in-plant workshop, but is shortened to one-day. This is ideal for conferences or symposiums where a one-day workshop format is needed.

Another feature of our workshops is the emphasis on spaced learning. We offer an SMS messaging service that reminds attendees of key learning points from the workshop. During the first couple of weeks after the training messages are sent frequently, then gradually taper off to once per week. This is an added service that helps people retain and use the information gained during the workshop.

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