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Alidade MER can support your objectives in identifying improvement opportunities, using reliability and management best practices for analyzing opportunities, and implementing solutions that result in value driven improvements.  When reliability increases, costs go down, safety goes up and job security increases.

Discrete Reliability Improvement Services

Some examples of services Alidade MER provides:

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM); Analyze your future or current maintenance strategy.  Make decisions based on applicability and effectiveness.  Our recommended RCM software is RCMCost provided by Isograph, Inc.  However, Alidade MER Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professionals have facilitated, trained and implemented a range of RCM methodologies.
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA); Sporadic events that are high-profile, or that involve multiple our recommended RCA software is PROACT provided by the Reliability Center, Inc..  PROACT is our preferred methodology because it is a rigorous approach that focuses on physical, human and management roots to problems.  We can of course provide training and facilitation of various other methods.
  • Reliability Modeling; Will your preliminary or final designs deliver the service availability your organization or customers require?  Reliability Modeling is an approach that allows you to map a system, analyze whether the appropriate redundancy or capability are designed into your systems.  It can also be used to convert the empirical data from your system performance data to determine if the current design can be improved.

 Strategic Reliability Improvement Services

If you’re planning a greenfield site or you are operating an existing facility, it is important to have a strategic plan on how to make best use of available data to make best use of available resources to most safety, efficiently and sustainably meet your organization’s mission.  A strategic plan for reliability sets the stage.  It provides the foundation for decision-making.  Alidade MER can provide a comprehensive support to assist our clients with navigating the important aspects of implementing a robust reliability program.