About Us

 Our Team

Our company utilizes full time employees and a network of over 30 sub-consultants and independent subcontractors, collectively known as the Alidade Reliability Professionals Network. The professionals that are assigned to a particular engagement are selected based on the objectives of the project, matched with the experience and skills of the Alidade Reliability Professionals.

Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!

Alidade MER’s president, and many of our team members are veterans.  Alidade MER takes pride in our high percentage of Reliability Professionals and other employees who have prior military experience.  They are valued for their mission focus, teamwork and leadership skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide insight, advice and support to our clients so they meet or exceed their objectives.

We have offered services across a wide spectrum of industries; oil & gas, higher education and research facilities, utilities, chemicals, manufacturing, mining, aerospace and various others.  This provides the depth of experience that validates our methods and cross-pollinates best-practices across multiple communities of practice.

The core principles and techniques of  leadership, maintenance management and reliability engineering are consistent across all sectors.  The functional application of the principles and techniques to any particular site requires adaptation, while not yielding core principles.

 Our Company

Alidade MER had a score of 96 out of 100 form Dunn & Bradstreet’s Open Ratings survey system. In their cover letter D&B Open Ratings stated that our score was among the highest scoring of all consulting firms they have data on.

The company was formed in August of 2004 as a Florida Sub-Chapter S corporation with the company name Alidade Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability, Inc. (dba: Alidade MER). The company is a veteran owned small business (VOSB).

In 2011 Alidade MER earned a place on the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule under the Professional Engineering Services (PES) schedule 871.  The process for earning this contract was extensive, and requires applicants to have excellent business models, past performance and accounting management. As part of the process, current and former customers were surveyed regarding the quality of services.

The GSA contract pre-qualifies Alidade MER for government contracts. Our GSA Contract Number is GS-10F-0111X.