About Us

About Our Company

Alidade Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability, Inc. (Alidade MER) is an asset management and productive leadership firm, formed in 2004.  We are a Florida-based, veteran owned business located in the heart of Florida’s Space CoastProud Veteran Owned Business Member!.  Our clients include the public and private sector, primarily in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.  We have had projects in heavy industry (oil & gas, chemical manufacturing, mining), utilities (power generation, water/wastewater), pharmaceutical, food & beverage, aerospace, higher education, port operations, research facilities, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, defense contractors, and others.

See our LinkedIn page:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/alidade-mer/

Our Mission

Apply our asset management and productive leadership experience from multiple communities of practice (cross-pollination) to assess, define, implement and sustain organizational reliability.  The Organizational Reliability Model is an asset management system that includes:

  • Assessment; determine current state and develop master plan for restructuring and closing gaps with best-practices.
  • Control & Stability; aligning assets, guidance and execution for day-to-day excellence.
  • Proactive Improvement; leveraging data to assess, define and implement improvements.
  • Productive Leadership; leaders, provided with assets and guidance, applying leadership roles, attributes and skills to influence others in achieving goals defined within organizational and asset management objects.

Our Vision

Alidade MER will be a trusted partner that assists clients in achieving organizational and asset management objectives.  We will transfer knowledge and capability to client personnel with minimum consultant resources.  This lowers total cost, accelerates improvements and creates experts within the client’s organization to ensure benefits are persistent.  This results in advocate clients that request additional services and provide enthusiastic referrals.

Our Core Values

Honor, respect and devotion to duty.  These are also the core values of the U.S. Coast Guard, our founder’s first career.

  • Be honorable in all our interactions and transactions.
  • Always treat others with respect, and earn respect by being professional.
  • Our duty is to advance the asset management and leadership profession.