Insight, advice and support for operations, maintenance and reliability excellence.
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Alidade MER is in the business of leadership, maintenance management and reliability improvement.

Financial, Social and Environmental Objectives

Excellence in leadership, maintenance management and reliability improvment leads to attainment of financial, social and environmental objectives.

Organizations thrive by being financially, socially and environmentally successful.  Physical assets need to be designed, fabricated, installed, commissioned, operated and maintained properly.  To get the most out of your assets you need a leadership team that understands and is capable leading and managing these activities and continuous improvement.

For-profit organizations create wealth and provide employment for those who work in, and support those organizations, while generating taxes that support civic functions.   Not-for-profit organizations such as the military, municipal utilities and state higher education facilities need to be efficient to control costs to provide maximum taxpayer value.

When organizations are financially strong they provide a benefit for society by providing jobs.  Employers should strive for excellence in how the work force is led and managed.  Strong leadership results in motivated employees.  Motivated employees have lower turnover, higher productivity and contribute to further success for the organization.

Environmentally, no organization should be using more energy or other resources than is needed.  Resource consumption can be effected during all phases of an asset’s life-cycle.  Environmental success depends on control and stability of managment processes and continuously improving asset reliability.

What do we provide?

Alidade MER’s role is to be your excellence navigator.  We provide insight, advice and support in leadership, maintenance management and reliability improvement for those who operate and maintain physical assets.

How do we provide it?

We provide discrete projects such as Productive Leadership Workshops, Maintenance Management Workshops (planning and scheduling, criticality, leveraging investments in CMMS or EAM), Proactive Reliability (RCM, FMECA, Root Cause Analysis).

We also provide comprehensive projects.   Assessment of current performance, development of improvement action plans and support to design and implementation processes, programs and policies.