Insight, advice and support for operations, maintenance and reliability excellence.
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Alidade MER provides expert services to improve leadership, maintenance management and reliability.

Client-Centered Support

Every client organization has circumstances that make them unique.  Combinations of budget constraints, trust and teamwork concerns, urgency or simply not having internal best-practice expertise to solve complex issues.

Alidade MER’s staff has experience across many communities of practice; industrial, manufacturing, utilities, facilities, military, federal, state and local government.  This breadth of experience benefits our clients by integrating best-practices from multiple communities of practice.

Alidade MER provides insight, advice and support.

If our clients decide to do as much as the can without dedicated consulting support we ca provide insight and advice through assessments, strategic plan facilitation, training and workshops – no problem.

Some organizations need professional support to policies, processes, procedures and measures design, facilitation, coaching and other support.  We have the depth of expertise and skills to provide that support.

What do we provide?

In any organization the critical levels of leadership are mid-level leaders and line supervisors.  Our 2015 Leadership Survey with Plant Services Magazine showed that approximately half of these leaders don’t receive training on how to be productive leaders.  Our Productive Leadership workshops provide the knowledge, tools and confidence leaders need to be effective.
Maintenance management assessments find weak points and create improvement plans.  Alidade MER then provides Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professionals to help you reach new heights.
If you need help creating or improving a PM program we are here to help with RCM, or FMECA training or support.  Chronic problems with a system?  We can help with Root Cause Analysis, or with creating a Failure Recording and Corrective Action System (FRACAS).